snale skin discus fish

snale skin discus fishblue Snakeskin Discus

Snakeskin discus fish

Snakeskin Discus: Developed from Turquoises discus with the fine pattern of lines or striations. Most Snakeskin Discus have 14 vertical bars (Whereas Turquoises discus  have 6 vertical bar). These Discus fish have a distinctive pattern of fine lines and dots on their gill plates. The Snakeskin Discus Fish Colors can divide Blue, Red, Brown, and Leopard Snakeskin. Asia is one of the largest producers of the Discus Fish in the aquaculture industry.

With many names based on colored varieties resulting from controlled breeding, Symphysodon aequifasciatus is referred to as the Snakeskin Discus. The Snakeskin fish has a mottled blue appearance against a red background.


Leopard snakeskin discus fish

The leopard snakeskin discus fish is covered with red leopard spots. Leopard snakeskin discus fish have 14 vertical bars but Leopard discus fish have 5 vertical bars.

leopard snakeskin discus fish2Leopard Snakeskin Discus

leopard snakeskin discus fish

Leopard Snakeskin Discus

Pigeon Blood Snake skin

Pigeon Snakeskin

Blue Snakeskin discus fishSnakeskin discus fish OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Yellow Snakeskin discus fish

yellow-Snakeskin Discus

Non-Bar Leopard Snake Skin Discus
Non-Bar Leopard Snake Skin Discus
Leopard Snakeskin Discus
Snakeskin Discus
Snakeskin Discus

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