Types of Discus fish

Types of discus fish

For determining types of Discus, Normally We use Color and stripes the key. There are essentially two different categories concerning their placement: naturally occurring fish that found in the wild and Another is cultivated Discus, which are shades strip and colors that have occurred through generations of selective breeding.

Types of Discus fish

Natural Discus

  • Heckel Discus : The original Discus, named for its discoverer Johan Heckel. Appearing with a dark stripe down the middle of its side, the fish comes in both red and blue varieties. The Heckel Discus, also known as the Pompadour Fish, was the 1st discus discovered. For The red-colored type, ‘Red Discus or Red Heckel’, is known as one among one of the beautiful of naturally occurring discus. Heckel Discus simply identified from other discus species by 3 bold vertical bars; one running from the eye, one through the caudal fin, and the most prominent one running down the center of the body.
  • Green Discus (Symphysodon Aequifasciatus): The Green Discus looks in several colors, starting from bright, vivid green to a lighter, more yellowish color. Their sides are dotted with bright red spots and also dark stripes.
wild Green Discus
  • Brown Discus (Symphysodon Aequifasciatus Axelrodi): One of the most typical types, the Brown Discus, while tougher than most other Discus, is normally dull in color, generally with faded stripes and also irregular color on its fins

Cultivated Discus

  • Turquoise Discus: have both red and blue varieties, these Discus are created through cross breeding of various species. Blue Turquoises are generally completely blue along with red patterns on the body, dorsal and anal fins, and also on the gill covers. While Red Turquoise Discus, is so named due to its striking turquoise and red stripes, red eyes, and red highlights around the fins. The general color of Discus will change based on mood and also overall health of the fish.
  • Snakeskin Discus: Developed from Turquoises discus with fine pattern of lines or striations. Most have 14 vertical bars. These discus have a distinctive pattern of fine lines and dots on their gill plates
  • Spotted discus: Cross breed from Turquoise Discus and red Green Discus, Spotted discus new generation developed to Leopard Discus. If more spotted and breed with Snakeskin Discus, It call Leopard snakeskin Discus.

  • Pigeon Blood Discus: Created in 1991 by Thailand breeder “Kitti Phanaitthi”, Pigeon Bloods have a bright white, sometimes cream-colored body with bright red striations and, most notably, a solid black tail. Quality and new generation of Pigeon Blood Discus are red eyes, less black dusting, richer reds, more white on the body.

  • Golden and Yellow Discus: Among the more vivid strains developed from Brown Discus, Golden Discus have solid yellow body, sometimes patterned with dim white stripes and red eyes with semi-translucent fins.
  • Blue Diamond Discus: Blue Diamond Discus were at first produced by breeders from Malaysia and Hong Kong, who found out that some Blue Turquise Discus (Cobalt blue) fry were clear in color. When these transparent fry were grown out, their bodies were solid blue colored with no markings or patterns on their own body, gill covers or fins Extremely lustrous, Blue Diamonds are white with a deep, blue hue and red eyes. The fins are generally finer than other varieties, giving them a twinkling shine. Occasionally, yellow coloring will sneak in underneath the eyes or near the fins. All Blue discus – Blue Diamond – Blue Scorpion – Blue Diamond Snakeskin – Cobalt
  • Red Discus: Red Discus mutate from Red brown discus and selective breeding with Pigeon Blood Discus, Red Discus currently is one of the most favorite in Discus lover aquarium tank with their bodies were solid red colored without markings or patterns on their own body and their head have yellow color.
  • White Discus : Breed by Malaysian breeder that White disucs mutate from Brown discus, White Discus have Clear white body. White Discus can cross breed with Red or Golden Discus can make more new Discus such as Red white Discus, Red yellow discus.
  • Albino Discus : Unveiled in 2000, Albino Discus is a relatively new strain for Disucs fish. With white bodies(Lack of melanin) and red eyes, many of the more common cultivated Discus have been bred with albinism. Albino Discus is more weak compare with other strain due to recessive gene thus their must more take care.
  • Other Types of Discus fish: When Breeders mix Discus Fish from different types or Closed blood breeding, Next generation may be created new discus types such as Red white discus, Yellow White discus, Ghost Discus (Calico discus fish), Tiger or Zebra Discus fish ( Turquoise Discus with Vertical Line ) and more.
Ghost Discus
Ghost Discus

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